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Infrared sauna is how it works? Relax Benefits Wellness and Beauty

how does it work? Benefits and Beauty
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Per i nostri ospiti più esigenti e amanti del abbiamo realizzato un ambiente with di nuova generazione, nothing to do with stifling a Finnish steam saunas.

Infrared sauna is how it works?

The infrared sauna heats the body in a slow, deep, enough 20-30 minutes in the sauna to reach a beneficial sweating, However, the heat bath can memorize options be extended to 45 minutes. Infrared rays generate a heat of depth & agrave; that penetrates the body tissue also heating up the most & ugrave layers; deep and is absorbed by the body to pi & ugrave; the 80% dell & rsquo; energy radiated, while only the remaining 20% heats & rsquo; air.

Wellness room Infrared Sauna Relax

And & egrave; for this reduced leakage that infrared sauna & egrave; pi & ugrave; respectful of & rsquo; environment. The consistent sweating allows you to release many residues (waste and toxins) and a few liquids (water), ensuring considerable purifying and detoxifying. Excellent l & rsquo; stimulating action for muscle and blood circulation, It has healing dermatological and aesthetic effects, allevia lo e gli stati infiammatori, It soothes rheumatism and joint pain as well as giving a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

Volendo è anche possibile usufruire della , that uses colors to help the body and psyche to restore their natural balance. Colors can be absorbed by our body and luminous radiation of a precise color loads of that energy:
Red light : Activities and vitality. Increased well-being and circulation;
Green light : Soothing, stimulating to respiratory tract, against headaches and joint inflammation
Blue light : Calming and relaxing, It helps against insomnia and anxiety
During treatment, in addition to the built-in radio, thanks to the CD player, potrete ascoltare la vostra nel più totale relax o altre musiche specificatamente studiate per una vostra personale. The It is acting on the autonomic nervous system (which regulates body functions such as perspiration, the heart rhythm, blood pressure) and facilitates the release of emotions and creative resources of each.

infrared sauna mode & agrave; d & rsquo; use and Shower

- Take a shower before entering the sauna.
- Enter the sauna for 10 – 15 minutes
- Relax and rehydrate with drinks available
- Take a shower (cold if possible)
- Relax completely flat and covered

During treatment sauna, you will always find at hand hot infusions, water at room temperature or cold fruit juices to drink as soon as you hear the & lsquo; needs.

The package of the duration of about 45 minutes also provides

  • exclusive use of the sauna room only for you, quindi massima
  • Spa - kit: on request bathrobe and slippers as a present;
  • wellness program & relax in infrared sauna cabin (unlike the hammam cabin 2 People work without steam and making several relaxing and beneficial therapies: Sauna, , Music Therapy)
  • A wide selection of different kinds of tea or herbal tea to taste;

We recommend combining the sauna with Shower Spa massage cabin Room

Story from the Finnish sauna Infrared Sauna

The sauna dates back to the ancient inhabitants of the Nordic countries that made great use to relax and recover from everyday life in an often cold and inhospitable environment. Ever since it was recognized in this practice that caused a beneficial sweating, a natural and extraordinary method of relaxation of muscles, skin cleansing, and beneficial moisturizing effect and anti-stress. Gradually it spreads and was recognized worldwide as a valuable system for the psychological well-being, an alternative to sunlight but without the dangerousness & agrave; Intrinsic in the same.

L & rsquo; ancient system in hot stones was revolutionized over time and new technologies has enabled the creation of the infrared sauna, suitable for all ages & agrave;. From children to women who often find it beneficial against typical female disorders refreshing and purifying the same time the skin, giving it more elasticity and radiance; by sportsmen, accumulating lactic acid, the elderly who benefit from muscle pain.

Come fare a In a short time? correct e Sauna per in relax

By adopting a proper diet with brucia calorie fatta da un medico competente e una serie di trattamenti sauna diventa più facile. Sauna l & rsquo; intense sweating favors the natural elimination of toxins, slag and acids produced by our body. The autonomic nervous system is stimulated as well as blood circulation, and proper use with alternating hot and cold, It makes the most & ugrave body; strong and responsive to sudden changes increasingly & ugrave; abrupt dell & rsquo; environment where we live. In particular, the infrared sauna allows the treatment at relatively moderate temperatures: 40 ° -60 ° C maximum, bringing all the advantages even without having a & rsquo; homogeneity & agrave; the dell & rsquo heating; environment like with sauna hot stone. Thus it becomes more & ugrave; Because bearable & eacute; It does not weigh too much breathing, still stimulating a copious sweating.

The infrared lamps emit a d & rsquo; energy form that is directly transmitted onto objects because of its particular length d & rsquo; wave, a & rsquo; completely safe and natural energy such as the sun but without the harmful effects of its ultraviolet rays. Note that the same heating technology, because of its delicacy and safety, and also it used in incubators peri newborns and by many physiotherapists for targeted treatments in rehabilitations.

Infrared sauna benefits does well and is recommended for:

- Asthma and general respiratory disorders, in many cases helping in the prevention of colds and sinusitis.
- Helping in through sweating naturally expel toxins of the muscles (lactic acid) as well as the excesses of heavy substances such as lead and cadmium cholesterol.
- Assisting in the maintenance of good physical shape.
- Help the body in self-regulation of blood pressure (hypotension and hypertension).
- To promote a beneficial cell replacement for the skin thanks to the acceleration of blood circulation.
- Encourage the metabolism through perspiration.
- Helping to burn calories.
- Indicated in the treatment against the trauma and also for arthritis and rheumatism.

Let's debunk some clichés saying that:

- The sauna does not damage the skin.
- The cardiac activity is not subject to abnormal strain
- The body is not subject to dehydration.

The sauna is contraindicated for:

- Who cardiac disease and / or has a pacemaker, or for those who suffer from epilepsy. Not to undergo excessive exposures (exposure in the cabin must not exceed 30 minutes). If in doubt for frail people or those with serious illnesses, better to consult your family doctor.

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