Wellness Shower cabin Jacuzzi Room which benefits and prices?

The romantic rooms are equipped with special and invigorating shower enclosures Anti-stress and softsauna free usable for the duration of stay. An emotional shower stall offers much more than a simple shower, It is a mini-path It is offering multiple functions in a continuous succession of emotions and pleasures that involve all the senses

Shower Jacuzzi which are the benefits?

As the name indicates, the tub is a massage done by water. Thanks to multiple jets of which are equipped with our cabins and depending depending on the power and pressure with which the water is emitted massage can be relaxing or invigorating. It therefore benefits from the massage and the therapeutic virtues of water. It will have effects on both the body and mind, greatly improving the quality of life, since it restores psychophysical equilibrium and harmony. The whirlpool is to direct a powerful water stream into one or more parts of the body to be treated, the less tonic. The thousands of drops that are fired on the skin, bring benefits not indifferent.

From the physical point of view of the water it is above all our best ally against cellulite, the tub makes it possible to attack the orange peel ', problem that affects many people. In fact, it activates blood and lymph circulation. Often at the base of the problem is poor circulation, even if it is not the only factor. This stimulating action is to make a better oxygenation and helps eliminate toxins for a more effective drainage. It has effective results for those who suffer from swollen legs, because it stimulates the tissues and water retention is reduced by the action of water massage that helps drain excess fluid. The whirlpool is firming and helps fight obesity. The water pressure on the skin is also to strengthen the epidermis. The skin is toned, it smoothes and relaxes.

The benefits that you will enjoy dall'idromassaggio, as well as physical, They are also psychological. It is the best way to recover energy and serenity. L’idromassaggio porta al totale rilassamento e a liberare la mente dalle preoccupazioni e dallo stress. The endorphins that are released during a massage helps eliminate fatigue and anxiety, In fact, it is recommended for those who have such problems of insomnia with a higher temperature has greater relaxation, while cooler water it will have a greater tonic and stimulating effect after a long day of work / excursions rekindling passions for a romantic night with your partner! The tub should not be used every day, but it is recommended two or three times a week. The time of a session should be around 10-15 minutes, to an optimum water temperature of 37 degrees.

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The hydromassage benefits are numerous:

  • It has a cleaning effect in the depth of the skin, It reinforces and increases the elasticity.
  • It has a draining effect.
  • L’idromassaggio combatte lo stress,poiché induce il corpo al rilassamento.
  • It is an excellent remedy against the hassles back, the neck, the foot and above eliminates the feeling of heavy legs.
  • The tub makes a deep massage, consequently there is the elimination of toxins.
  • Relieves rheumatism and arthritis.
  • The massage improves blood circulation and prevents the appearance of varicose veins.
  • Decontraendo muscles, it promotes sleep.

We recommend use in combination with to maximize the effects, so we have created a special sauna room, exclusive

Jacuzzi Shower Room facilities

- Continuous light, soon available with chromotherapy emotional led to changing light
- Scottish showers with alternation of hot / cold
- activation / deactivation for fan steam bath effect turkish
- Tropical Rain with gargoyle in upper waterfall
– ben 6 lateral dorsal jets hydromassage, cervical and lumbar
– musicoterapia con musica a scelta
- Shower gel and shampoo to perfume essences

Jacuzzi Shower Prices

L & rsquo; use of the hot spa cabin Room & egrave; totally free. We invite our guests to make conscious use, Sicily however great still an island with limited resources and wastage, of water in particular, creates environmental damage.

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