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Yoga ancient Eastern discipline that relaxes, It keeps you fit, shapes the body and helps to become aware of the body and teaches you clear your mind and focus on the sensations. From now taught to listen to the body and in the very first lesson you exercise to feel the air that enters the lungs, hold a position, tell if a muscle & egrave; contract or not. Are exercises that, with practice, make us more & ugrave; confident about our ability & agrave; physical. They give more confidence with our body.

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We have selected a range of possible applications:
Yoga for revival: A practice of muscle toning, particularly suited to the early morning hours, able to lay a good foundation for the day. Guests will practice the Sun Salutation and continue with stretching exercises and energizers.
Yoga for vitality: An intense body work, suitable for those who want to move around and sweat, recommended for athletes and those who want to keep fit, not neglecting to memorize options Important aspects such as the & rsquo; elasticity & agrave; and breathing.
Yoga for relaxation: Recommended in the last hours of the afternoon, to promote relaxation with slow and meditative practices. L & rsquo; ideal after a busy day, It sets the stage for the rest of the evening.
Yoga for pregnancy: A short route in two where the expectant mother will be & agrave; accompanied by the partners in sweet loosening exercises and breath, during which the key word sar & agrave; & Ldquo; backup & rdquo;.
Yoga in pairs: Exercises to do together, where two asanas (postures) become one. This practice & egrave; aimed at those who wish to experience a way of communicating more & ugrave; joyful and creative, through a deep contact with yourself and with your partner.

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