Tag: Tholos Nebrodi

Tholos of stone rock construction NebrodisTholos of the date back to Nebrodi 1500 b. C. The Tholos are dry stone buildings with domed roof, with circular and conical nell'alzato used in millennia by shepherds as shelters, a form of a lost rural architecture, remember the Nuraghi of Sardinia or the Trulli of Puglia. Video sui Tholos The Route of the Tholos In 2012 It was realized a project that involved the four municipalities of Montalbano Elicona, San Piero Patti, Raccuja and Floresta, aimed at enhancing the Tholos, censendoli, placing signs and panels and restoring 12 Tholos also called cubburi. In any point of a steel plate is engraved, come graffiti, information on the location of Tholos and other information.

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