Tag: Pyramids Etna What are they? Who built them? Where are? How to visit them?

Pyramids Etna here is the one located on the SS120 shortly after Passopisciaro - Castiglione di Sicilia

Etna Pyramids are over 40 the slopes of the largest volcano in Europe, hidden among rows of vineyards and fruit trees in private properties. Difficult to identify who created them and their exact dating, it is still a great heritage to be protected. The style varies from place to place, stepped or conical, of round or square base but all carried out in dry volcanic stone. For a long time were considered as only piles of stones created a followed the cleaning of the land for the cultivation of land. Today the pyramids instead appear to be a real archeological puzzler, made even more complicated by the discovery of ancient paths Water and sewage systems that would suggest the presence of an ancient civilization to Mt.. All pyramids, despite the different forms, They had a system of ramps or access stairs to the top with privileged view on the summit of Etna, a factor that could help think a cult of worship of the volcano». Similar to others found in the Canary Islands and other islands colonized by the "Peoples of the Sea". Although located within the territories of these pyramids World Heritage List, are currently not adequately protected and enhanced.

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