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Sicily Carnival 2018 Blackout dates Program Carnival Acireale Carnival Misterbianco Carnival Taormina

2018 date program offered Carnival
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Carnival 2018

Sicily Carnival 2018 Like every year is repeated in Sicily a tradition that has ancient origins and leading from 1500 It made of a carnival masks and wonderful carnival costumes to the delight of Masked and adults. Carnival in Sicily It is just as famous and important as the Venice Carnival, the Carnival of Cento, Carnival of Ivrea and the Viareggio Carnival which often are made of twinning. For maximum enjoyment and safety of Masked groups and school groups, no wars or battles with rotten eggs and oranges, but joyful Masked, many fantastic colored confetti, sparklers and cheer. In the last few years, He has had great success Summer Carnival of Acireale that takes place the first weekend in August with a selection of cars and most beautiful costumes.

Carnival Acireale

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Carnival Acireale Sicily

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Sicily Carnival 2018 Acireale program


Carnival 3-13

Saturday 03/02/2018

ore 16.00 Old Town
Inauguration shows the Carnival
ore 17.00 Along the carnival circuit
Official Presentation of all wagons
allegorical, accompanied by bands
International music, that will create
the court of the Queen of Carnival
17:30 Piazza Duomo
Comes the "Queen of Carnival",
with King Joker, delivery of the keys
of the city
ore 18.00 Carnival Circuit
chariot Exhibition
ore 21.00 Piazza Duomo

Sunday 04/02/2018

ore 9.00 Along the carnival circuit
Allegorical floats on display
ore 9.30
4Trophy Carnival of Acireale
Road Race
ore 15.00 Along the carnival circuit
Parade of Allegorical wagons
single and grand masks,
accompanied by bands
International music
ore 21.00 Piazza Duomo

Thursday 08/02/2018

ore 16.00 Along the traditional circuit
"Masked Schools"
Parade of costumed groups school
with the participation of masks
single and grand
ore 18.00 Piazza Duomo
Afternoon youth
Masked Party boys
ore 20.00
e Cabaret

Friday 09/02/2018

ore 16.00 Theater Maugeri
Competition Masked

Saturday 10/02/2018

ore 10.30 Along the traditional circuit
"Masked Schools"
parade of costumed groups school
ore 16.00 Along the carnival circuit
Parade of Allegorical wagons
single and grand masks,
with music and folk bands
ore 21.00 Along the carnival circuit
"Dances with wagons" costume party
at different points of the circuit the carts
be turned into discos

Sunday 11/02/2018

ore 9.30 Piazza Duomo and Piazza Address
The wagons on display
ore 11.30 Along the carnival circuit
the positioning of floats parade
Allegorical with performances
ore 13.00 Piazza Garibaldi
"Waiting for dancing ..."
The orchestra at lunch
ore 15.00 Along the carnival circuit
Parade of Allegorical wagons
with music and folk bands
ore 21.00 Piazza Duomo

Monday 12/02/2018

ore 17.00 Along the carnival circuit
"The Day of Flowers"
garlanded by machines nowadays
ore 21.00 Piazza Duomo

Tuesday 13/02/2018 final evening

ore 12.00 Along the carnival circuit
Allegorical floats on parade
ore 15.30 Final Parade of floats and
individual masks and grand with
music and folk bands
ore 21.00 Piazza Duomo
ore 23.30 of the various competitions awards

Festival of Flowers 27-29 2018


other initiatives

Town Hall - tel: 095895273
Town Hall - tel: 095895249 -095895272 Fax: 095895250
Press Office: tel 095895201 – 3388914100

Sicily Carnival 2018 Acireale: Forecast coming 7 days

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Sicily Carnival 2018 Program

In recent years, other cities have been joined in Acireale for the most beautiful carnival. For the Carnival of Misterbianco have specialized for best costumes, worn by hundreds of participants


Here is a video edition 2013

Sicily Carnival 2018 Taormina Children in the square

Taormina The atmosphere is so magical that even carnival is worth a visit! Soon we will publish a detailed program of the Taormina Carnival as it is being defined. Everything will take place on the Corso Umberto, Taormina's main street, e in Piazza IX with parades, masked groups, kids, singing competitions, various games such as maypole and group dances. In the meantime, enjoy the view of Piazza IX thanks to live, that will frame all the parades and the carnival Taormina

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