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Giarre Location, Surroundings and Weather

Wellness B&B Casa Olimpia a Giarre (CT) - WhatsApp/Telegram +393294138813
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Where we are, surroundings and
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Where we are

We are located in Giarre center in a quiet street with ample free parking Stadium, a 17 km da , in a panoramic position below and to 25 km da within walking distance (3.4km) from the spectacular location Radicepura. The B & B is accessible by from Eastern Sicula SS114 state or A18-E45 --. In Marina di Riposto Porto dell ' , by train Giarre Trenitalia or by . L’ The closest airport is the ' Intentional Catania Fontanarossa Vincenzo Bellini which is less than 40 Km, but we are also connected with the other Sicilian airports ( Burgi e Falcone Borsellino and the airport ). Mappa Sicilia con distanze in Km dal B&B Casa Olimpia In exit the motorway A18 - Catania GIARRE (coming from the north 2 outputs after ) Continue north towards the center on the SS114, after ESSO filling, turn left (Via A. Wide) and then immediately turn right (Avenue A. Moro - will see teaches EURO SPIN) and immediately left (Via Olimpia), you will see the stadium which runs along the entire Via Olimpia. We are halfway & agrave; approximately opposite the main grandstand, yellow house with only two floors, with green balconies and wooden grids and many . Here the exterior of our building and our road to recovery Street View.

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Where we Giarre our city & agrave;

A Giarre, of particular interest is the , that leaves you amazed by grandeur & agrave; of the square, of the and the street network, if we consider that were made centuries ago when the concept of traffic and road conditions were known only to the metropolis! We like to think that even then you would think to visitors and just to those who came to Taormina (north) proposes a grand entrance that enhances the beauty of the .

You love ? The It is a spectacular marquee with track . You can practice different as hockey and other events and shows are regularly organized and . For beginners and there are the various pamphlet to learn to skate. You can rent everything you need at affordable prices, or if you want to buy clothing for Giarre you will find what you need (body, costumes and accessories). We also organize Hockey games a real rarity & agrave; for all Sicily. You may not know but in Giarre we have the seat of the Italian Federation of Hockey and .

And 'possible to organize di compleanno con vari pacchetti compresa animazione per with mascot, , buffet and drinks. See professionals soar and twirl on track with their artistic custom shoes Roces & egrave; a real show, but see juggle on track after a few minutes of class is an emotion even greater! Processing package for our guests with special conditions.

Want Christmas and nativity scene all year?
Visit Museum Nativity Giarre

A Giarre Christmas has found a home in the Museum of the Crib, open all l & rsquo; year by appointment and always open during Christmas. Probably the most & ugrave; great Museum of the Crib South Italy, with several hundred works on display, between dioramas, sculptures and individual pieces made exclusively by hand. L & rsquo; entry & egrave; free, but leave a & rsquo; offered to volunteers cribs Allow yourself & agrave; them to continue with this great passion and cover the huge expense of maintaining a museum open to the public. Located in beautiful nineteenth century building in the historic center, in via Meli n° 3, opposite the historic War Memorial on Via Callipoli - State 114. 'Entrance, We are greeted by a large "Holy Family" in terracotta and begins a path that winds on two floors and it allows you to see nativity scenes of all sizes and materials, and artistic traditions of the world. Particularly d & rsquo; effect the dark corridors, where l & rsquo; only illumination comes from cribs sunken in the walls with dioramas masterfully made and impressive, while in the background you hear the solemn Christmas music. The works are all beautiful, and in particular those created by local artists are really high-level. You can also impress with the cribs ambientati in different places: you can admire, indeed, cribs paper mache Lecce, in Sicilian and Apulian pottery, magnificent figures Neapolitan and even wooden cribs stone pine & ldquo; Made in Trentino & rdquo;, as well as a sophisticated and valuable collection of "crib figures" from all over the world. Another feature is the nativity set in the majestic Piazza Duomo of Giarre or in nineteenth-century Sicilian rural setting.

Opening of the Museum hours: During the Christmas period from 8 December to 6 January every day from hours 16: 00 all 19:30. Finished the holiday season from ' 8 January to 7 December & egrave; open every Wednesday & igrave;, Sundays and public holidays from hours 17: 00 pm 19:00. While it is closed in the months of July and August, but VISITS FOR OVERTIME in the days and months of closing for groups or schools INFOLINE 095 934265 – 328 4715123 More on

City of Giarre news and history

Significant archaeological findings denote the ancient origins of the city & agrave; Giarre. Nell & rsquo; geographic area that includes the towns of Giarre, Riposto, Mascali, sets up memorize options the city & agrave; Greek Kallipolis linked to Naxos before and then to Taormina, that prosper memorize options until & rsquo; Roman times, many scholars identified with Giarre. The current Giarre name should have Arabic origins and result from & lsquo; jar & rsquo;, typical earthenware container used for the storage of oil, wine and wheat. Its development as an urban center starring Bishop Count Nicola Maria Caracciolo, in 1558, attiv you memorize options to make livable a township dominated by swamps and forests unproductive. Acesi Messina and invested their capital in these lands and in little more & ugrave; a century were transformed into vineyards.

Following the earthquake of 1693 the consular road that isolated the country from Catania and Messina through Taormina, He was shifted to sea and Giarre became a spa. At the beginning of & rsquo; nineteenth century ended the centuries-old struggle between Mascali and Giarre for control of territory and 1815 the lovely center, together with all & rsquo; current Riposto, gained administrative autonomy; the two countries were separated in 1841, and then gathered under a & rsquo; only administration in the period 1939-1945 col on behalf of & ldquo; Ionia & rdquo;. In September 1945 Giarre and Riposto were declared again divided. Today is part of the tourist district of Taormina Etna.

L & rsquo; entrance of the city & agrave; It presents various workshops, where you can buy handmade products in terracotta and wrought iron, including farm tools typical of & rsquo; nineteenth century. Giarre includes Altarello fractions, Carruba, stain, Saint John, San Leonardello e Trepunti. Today & egrave; one of the pi & ugrave centers; dynamic of the province especially as regards the first fruits trade of fruit and vegetables. Are thriving viticulture and l & rsquo; citrus and good & egrave; livestock. L & rsquo; Industry & egrave; present in the areas of pastificazione, mechanic, mining and building materials. There are also sweet factories, of furniture and of packaging. Good resources are also the tourism and trade.

Economy: Agricultural products: pears, my, peaches, citrus, Wine and table grapes, vegetables (early potatoes). Livestock: cattle, goats, sheep, pigs. Industries and enterprises: pasta, mechanical industries, machinery factories for the & rsquo; extraction of citrus essences, factories of building materials, sweet factory, factories of packaging, furniture factories, cave. historic monuments: The ancient buildings are mostly present baroque with a few exceptions such as the neoclassical cathedral, It has an impressive dome. Also notable is the church of Sant & rsquo; Isidoro and some palaces. Church of the parts by weight. Filipinos or of & rsquo; Oratorio, Church Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Church of Santa Maria La Strada, Calvary Church, Church of Our Lady & ldquo; Regina Pacis & rdquo;, Church & Ges ugrave; Worker, Church Our Lady of Grace, Church of the Badia, Church of Maria SS Altarello Church Archpriest. Providence (Macchia), Calvary Church (Macchia), Maria SS. Addolorata (Macchia), Church of San Matteo (Trepunti).

Giarre trade, services, great, Etna, tourism in B & B in the Italian capital of the Sicilian

We're not certainly proud .... but Giarre & egrave; the Italian capital of & rsquo; Unfinished Siciliano, based on the number of public works unfinished by population. We lost count of the times that Gabibbo and Striscia la Notizia have come to document the destruction of public money, that could be devoted so much better.

Works all with different stories, but all evidence of a recent passage & egrave; an open wound to the beautiful city & agrave; we had inherited from our grandparents. Thanks to the imagination and tenacity of a group of young and established artists and architects, you are looking for a possible use of these monumental contemporary ruins. One thinks of a widespread park with trails and guided tours. Imagine yourself immersed in nature that comes back to take possession of the spaces of & rsquo; modern man. A park around a city & agrave; in which some of his most & ugrave; important monuments back within the reach of the people. A park where to spend "an unforgettable experience" to explore the recent history of our country.

The list of his unfinished works is the formidable and almost all are within a few minutes walk from our B & B: the stadium, Chico Mendez park with her infant school, the provincial pool, the multipurpose center, the flower market, track for car modeling (but we think, that imagination ...), Home for the elderly and the municipal theater with its almost 60 years. And finally, that gigantic field of Polo imagined to host the Universiade 1997 (Yes yes that's right a POLO field! Notoriously popular sport in Italy !!!!)

In the first week of July 2010, from 2 al 4, you & egrave; held the first festival of & rsquo; Unfinished Siciliano. Unique & egrave; It was l & rsquo; opportunity to live a & rsquo; unique experience among the unfinished works, for the first time accessible. 3 days when the whole city & agrave; & Egrave; It was involved in a participatory planning process of the & rsquo; Park Unfinished. the sp
azi of unfinished works were crossed by public debates, performance events and workshops.

Weather Giarre Sicilia Taormina - Etna

Below the weather situation in real time thanks to the controller of the Municipal Civil Protection. You will then temperatures, speed & agrave; and wind direction, rainfall, humidity & agrave;, UV rays and solar radiation. All this also with archives and graphics!

Click here for the PDF weather report ready for the next release 7 days.

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