Sicily with rustic land for sale for Farm Educational Farm of ideal project also to request funding repayable extent Bandi PSR Sicily Project approved House / Villa with pool + 11.000 Limoneto accommodation in the center of Giarre (Catania)

land for sale with country for vacations of ideal project to apply for funding to Lost Fund for various measures PSR . Private sells Rustic Masseria with millstone and home with farmland beyond 11.000 square meters. Land with project restructuring ideal for vacations with SPA and pool, Bed and Breakfast, Country Hotel or Eco Village with more Ristorante Pizzeria Farm Teaching Bio, Agro Asylum in green or nursery.

Located in the historic heart of , Catania province, fra and view , solo 200 meters from City Hall Giarre Via Callipoli SS114. Surrounded by lemon groves and surrounded by urban park.

Vendesi terreno con rustico Agriturismo vendesi su progetto Mappa Terreno Giarre in vendita

For sale rustic land with access to loans repayable with maximum investment of 1 million euro. Measure 6.4.A RDP Sicily to make farm and educational farms

published by the Department of Agriculture of the Region of Sicily with the relevant notice the new measure 6.4.A RDP Sicily 2014 2020 entitled "Support to the diversification of farmers into the creation and development of non-agricultural activities - Help exempt" dedicated to the realization of farm, educational farms etc.. L

a financial transaction provided 6.4.A (for exemption) is 20.000.000 of € in the face of an expected commitment for the whole programming period 2014- 2020 of € 60.000.000,00. The measure 6.4.A , of which has already been published on 18/07/18 the relative ranking to another call in the aid scheme in de minimis, It aims to diversify agricultural activities into extra activities- Agriculture, with the aim of increasing both the profitability that the economic dimension of farms diversifying their activities, contributing to their competitive strengthening and improving the competitiveness of primary producers.

The operation 6.4.a - Rentals Activities - aims to promote the spread of tourism activities, through the implementation of information services, preparation of brochures, investment in facilities for recreational activities, sporting and cultural, for hospitality and catering (provided jointly with that of hospitality) and may also be made investments aimed at teaching.

It also plans to promote the implementation of measures aimed at the creation of new businesses and expansion of existing ones, through restructuring, recovery, retraining and adjustment of corporate structures. For more information about other funding see

The municipality of Giarre falls in areas D - Rural areas with development problems evaluated with your trusted technician if you are eligible for this type of financing and do not miss out!

For sale land with rustic and Citrus grove in Sicily sale about 600 fruit plants in 11000 mq
Vendesi terreno con rustico Agriturismo vendesi su progetto vista-etna-terreno-giarre

The Sicilian rustic farmhouses, in annexes sale to the ground are the 1800 (Expanded in stages) is composed of home, warehouses and beautiful Sicilian millstone.

Vendesi terreno con rustico Agriturismo vendesi su progetto Stato Attuale

After years of planning, comes a project already approved and immediately buildable for airspace over 900mc + basements + large swimming pool and photovoltaic roof system is already authorized (already present for pole and connection cable).

B & B, Accommodation Farm sale of project near Taormina (17km)

Agriturismo vendesi su progetto Progetto Villa schizzo

Agriturismo vendesi su progetto pianta

Agriturismo vendesi su progetto pianta Foto Rendering

Photo Rendering Project Farm / B & B Guest house in Villa

For sale land with rustic and lemon for farming, playful and Teaching.

For green many possibilities, by urban garden and lesson plans with activities for adults and children. Together with the project we will provide all the necessary documentation and specialized books.


The orange grove for sale is planted with lemon rather than with bio methodology . In addition to about 600 citrus trees, many other fruit trees, Also tropical banana trees to macadamia nuts, mango and avocado, annona, figs, peach and in the perimeter blackberries and prickly pear. Present a synergic vegetable garden with fenced pallets.


The land is terraced with lava stone walls is equipped with modern irrigation system to fall covering the whole land with 2 tanks (one of the other accumulation distribution) + historic cistern for collecting rainwater. Ideal for a farm or agro and teaching kindergarten in the green with educational courses.

Still present (and reactivated) the old system for irrigation, system introduced by the Arabs who, with their arrival, brought with them these irrigation methods that made their deserted gardens. Hence the Sicilian gardens, masterpiece of balance between beauty and economy. This system was particularly advanced in the cultivation of citrus fruits that require much more water than the Sicilian precipitation can offer.

For sale land with rustic Evaluation and request

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