Granita Siciliana a ritual to be savored in Sicily, not only in summer. History, recipe

Siciliana a ritual to be savored in #, not only in . History and recipes of #Granita. Recipe #Granitasiciliana chocolate almond coffee which is the best? How to make homemade granita? Granita Thermomix you can really do? Granita Calories make you fat? Waiting for the next edition of #Nivarata nel 2020

Granita Siciliana a ritual to be enjoyed throughout the year in Sicily

For the Sicilian Granita Doc Artisan is a moment of communion and social relations, a real ritual by consuming so sitting at outdoor bar, at breakfast, after lunch, the evening every opportunity to sit and enjoy this refreshing wonder of Sicilian tradition.

The scene is more or less the same, We sit with friends, the waiter comes to ask "that tastes there are" even if the whole bar is plastered with the tastes list and you have the menu on the table.

The real Sicilian does not read signs or menus, because the true Sicilian captures in listing what the waiter that day taste better, that can give maximum satisfaction. Sometimes the list is so long that it requires 2 times!

Then a moment to think, and especially when the waiter comes with a modern tablet for orders wonder impossible combinations with cream under and over, just above or just below according to the various currents of thought.

Who is to surrender diet cream and brioche, but it is a great renunciation .... there's a whole drama of picking up the brioche with "Tuppo" and start dunking in the Sicilian granita. At that moment the Sicilian can give you rare pearls of wisdom while admiring the "home" and the world around him.

Granita Siciliana con brioche al bar nel classico bicchiere di vetroIf you are a tourist stop for a moment to look at that very moment, It is a scene that has nothing to take off to the best film, almost a last supper, as if there were no tomorrow 😀

Now after all this just imagine the indignation and aberration of a Sicilian when "out of home" proposed to him a grattachecca or industrial granita, closed between 4 walls in the cold and without sunshine ...

So be respectful of a Sicilian who relishes his artisan granita with brioche, have the same respect that you have for the ritual of tea in China or of a samurai in Japan before the fight.

From tourists therefore not considered the Sicilian granita just a dietary product, if taken without cream and brioche, particularly refreshing and useful to cool off in the hot Sicilian summer season, but above all an inevitable rite for those who savor, that to be fully enjoyed, It requires slow times and precise mode, and as someone said if you do not dunk the brioche only enjoy half 😀Granita Siciliana mandorla caffè con panna

And all this for a figure of around € 2 sat at the Bar, only in Sicily!

Granita Siciliana what is it? as it has done? which tastes and combinations?

Substantially, poetry of, trivially we are talking about ice water, mixed with fruit juice or other, sugar and a pinch of salt getting a pudding, with a consistency between the creaminess of the ice cream and the graininess of the sorbet.

However there is a whole way to get to have the right consistency, color, flavor and sweetness considered that cold things are to the taste less sweet than they are. In granita unlike ice cream there are no ne ne fat milk, only water, sugar, aromas, fresh fruit / dried or coffee, chocolate and a pinch of salt.

CAUTION in Sicily not all combinations are "approved", for example the fact that almond and lemon are the favorite flavors does not mean that they can match the same glass of granita!

Order an iced almond and lemon, It is seen as a grave offense to the traditions and tastes in Sicily, the waiter will refuse to take the controls and probably you will be expelled from the Bar 😀

Obviously we're kidding, but certainly there are little recommended combinations according to the tastes and customs. Here are some possible combinations and flavors of the Sicilian tradition:

  • Granita al Limone - The most traditional, refreshing and with the lowest calorie, in addition to the juice often you find lemon peel grated verdelli. Almost always it is eaten alone vaulted combined with other fruit granita
  • Almond Granita - Classical with Avola almonds or toasted almonds that give a whole different taste. Often combined with iced coffee, pistachio or chocolate
  • Coffee Granita - Ideal in the morning served with almond taste, or to taste with cream for those not on a diet
  • Granita Chocolate - Made with cocoa is the most loved by big and small. Ideal served with granita with almonds or pistachio.
  • Granita with Pistachio of Bronte - Rich in color and especially in flavor, with pistachio pieces that will make you go into raptures. Usually it combined with almond granita
  • Granita to Gelsi - Tasty and refreshing, required by the most discerning palates, It is an important piece of our history, It reminds us of when to and surroundings were great silk exporters
  • Granita Strawberry - Fresh and sweet, ideal to accompany with lemon flavor, Also in the variant with wild strawberries
  • Granita Peach - Light and delicious, Ideal served with strawberry, mulberry or almond
  • Melon, pineapple, tangerine, I'm d'india, fresh figs, mint, jasmine and so on ....

And many other depending on the availability of fresh fruit of the moment and traditions of each place and Bar which serves.

Granita Siciliana origins. Who is and where to find the best granita in Sicily?

Use the to create fresh / sweet drinks dates back to the dawn of time. Greeks and Romans used it, but it is from the Arab domination that the granita after a series of evolutions and recipes assumes its current appearance.

In the sixteenth century it steps directly from using the snow in the product to use it mixed with salt as a coolant. He was born the "cockpit", wooden container inside with a zinc bucket, that could be turned with a crank.

The cavity was filled with the mixture of salt and snow closed by a lot of jute rolled and pressed. The mixture froze the contents of the sump for removal of heat, and the rotary motion of some vanes inside prevented the formation of ice crystals too big.

Then with the introduction of modern refrigeration systems has arrived in the post-war Sicilian granita that we all know today, in which the original honey was finally replaced with simple sugar, now widely available.Sicily map map Airports

Now we can argue all you want about who invented the granita, whether it is better to Messina, Known, , Giare, or Palermo, Each claims to have the best granita and probably they are all right, make no mistake simply test all and make your own ranking!

Certainly, that if in the beginning was made by taking the snow of ' in estate, I know that in Giarre / Acireale had to be the best ... then sure we were exporting snow to Malta, so it is likely that even in other parts of Sicily was good.

Since the Middle Ages, in Sicily there was the profession of the "nivaroli", that is, those men who were responsible for collecting winter the snow on Etna, on Peloritans, Iblei or Nebrodi, and year-round, They took care to preserve the snow in the "neviere", protecting it from summer heat, then, as in the case of "nivaroli Etna", carry up beside the in the warmer months, both to make granita that for ghiacciere.

Etna caves of Nivaroli to preserve the snow

Today again, above Giarre Mareneve road from Fornazzo leads to Piana Provenzana you can visit one of the many immense lava caves used to store snow to be used in summer. There was a big business with these neviere, located in natural ravines and in particularly cool places, to repair the snow from the heat and keep it for longer.

Recipe How to make homemade Sicilian Granita?

If you do not own a Sicilian Bar downstairs, try to make the granita at home is not so difficult, the ingredients are easy to find.

Maybe first try the lemon granita, made famous in the cinema with falls of The Godfather at Bar Vitelli Savoca, but I recommend you use real Sicilian lemons, because if you use the ones you import poisoned with the paraffin present in the skin as well as the various chemicals used for the treatments.

Here is the recipe of how my mother prepared the Sicilian granita with no ice cream maker, ingredients and preparation:

  • Grate the peel of a couple of summer lemon and then squeeze them until you get 1 glass of lemon juice
  • Mix it all with 3 glasses of water 1-2 cups of sugar to suit your taste and add a little salt.
  • Put in the freezer in a glass container
  • To then serve the granita, exit from the freezer 20-30 minutes before and with a simple scratch spoon obtaining a consistency similar to granita bar.

For those with more time available it is advisable to dissolve the sugar in hot water, Once cooled put other cold ingredients and let rest in the freezer for about 3 hours and then use a blender to dive to make it soft breaking the ice crystals.

In some recipes found online written to add an egg white meringue, I think it is a desecration because Sicilian Granita is a product purely , no longer being used honey and excluding the brioche and cream, which, however,, in several bars it is also possible to obtain in vegan variant. For other tastes recipe is similar, using fruits reduce the amount of sugar

Video recipe of lemon granita without ice cream maker Giallozafferano

Granita Recipe with Thermomix how?

If you have an ice cream maker or the Thermomix everything it is easier here videos procedure for Lemon Granita with the Thermomix ingredients: -100 ml of lemon juice -buccia 1 lemon -100 gr sugar cane -250 gr ice cubes. For more recipe tastes and methods are similar

How many calories does Granita? makes you fat?

The sugar content is 25-35%, while that in the acids is 0,5-1%[2]. Unlike ice cream in true artisan granita it is not no animal product, so no milk, fat or eggs. Sure considered % sugar can not be called a dietary product, but definitely less fattening ice cream! Maybe you could take instead of brioche bread.

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