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Etnaland Catania ThemePark ticket prices 2018 Theme Park opened in September attractions times Amusement Park Sicily offer Hotel B & B Hotel Catania near Etna Land ticket prices Discount coupons for free kids

ThemePark ticket prices 2018 opening theme attractions times entertainment Offer Hotel B & B Hotel close ticket prices Discount coupons gratis
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Etnaland Catania ThemePark 2018 last day to visit the theme park with the fantastic attractions for Etnaland young adults, amusement park games . Partner Hotels Offers hotels B & B near Etnaland address map how to get to sleep. Find discount coupons children free entrance When he opens opening hours open only on Saturday and Sunday daytime from 9: 30 all 18:30. Prices tickets Etnaland Sicily 2018 Etnaland Video Etnalandia Dinosaurs rides

Etnaland 29km largest theme park active from April to September

Etnaland 29km largest theme park active in September

At the Themepark Etnaland also get ready for an adventure to size mammoth! Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs: The 4D experience! That is a teaching or spectacular projection, 4D cinema content are proposed using the exciting multi-sensory technology and the latest generation of multi-dimensional, not just a passive projection glued on a chair! The advanced technology lets you experience amazing special effects: the magic of a fantastic snowfall, a graceful flicker of bubbles, the sudden vibration of the seats, sudden refreshing water spray, light puffs of wind, intoxicating scents in the air, amazing strobe lights and a curious tickled the legs. A really close and engaging that will plunge into an exhilarating world through multisensory adventure Scrat company, his inseparable acorn, i mammuth Elly e Manny, Sid the sloth and Diego, the tiger.

Etnaland park Catania ThemePark games 2018 novità, offer discount ticket prices and info Etnaland theme park amusement park of Sicily and the largest southern Italy

Etnaland Catania always ThemePark spectacular new theme park mechanic, inaugurated in 2013 but renewed and expanded each year, It offers over 30 attrazioni. It will not end to surprise you, find mega roller coaster "interactive" set in a haunted school with wagons that will go from classroom to classroom and games of all kinds for children and adults. Born as a safari park zoo in Sicily at the foot of ' and it has since developed as a theme park along the lines of Gardaland, or Disneyland. Today & egrave; the pi & ugrave; largest theme park in southern Italy and & egrave; destination for many visitors from Sicily, Calabria, Puglia e Malta.Etnaland ThemePark Castello

Catania Etna Land Theme Park How much you pay?
What offers and prices 2018?
Ticket 2 giorni o 2 parks you pay less?

The theme park and the water ThemePark AcquaPark have entrance fees and hours (NOT have open simultaneously). The theme park is open from in September and the cost of the entrance fee is € 25 adults, 20€ for children up to 140cm, gratis i bambini fino a 100cm. In the summer months e It is open in the evening 19:30 – 1: 00 the cost drops to 20 € for adults and 15 € for children with children up to 100cm always free. Ticket 2 days consecutive day period park 38 € adults, 28€ children 100 a 140cm, for the evening period 28 € and 18 €

Catania Etna Land Theme Park Awards and Reviews

E 'was awarded the title of the year Italian Park and Best Attraction in Europe: these are the two very prestigious awards that were awarded to Etnaland in the 12th edition of "The Parksmania Awards", a sort of "industry Oscar winner" that involves the world of amusement parks and all those involved: attractions, scenografie, personale, . Etnalandia won the award of Park & ​​rsquo; year because & eacute; & Egrave; & Ldquo; The Italian park that has recorded the biggest jump of quality & agrave; from last season to the current one & rdquo;. And that has been defined by experts as: "News of the year and important signal of renewed vitality for the Italian industry, in a park that offers a complete product and full of exciting attractions and well-executed. "While the award Best Attraction Europe was awarded to the megalith coaster, The Storm che, gli esperti di Parksmania, defined as: "Pure adrenaline for a roller coaster can offer strong feelings and great fun for all fans of the genre". Photos and videos of some of the following attractions

Map Catania Etnaland theme park attractions and full map

Etnaland map Themepark Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Park

Etnaland map Themepark Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Park

For the 2018 I expect big surprises and super high tech updates with Viewers reality & agrave; increased VR al the Prehistoric Park

Etnaland Dinosaur Park Prehistory Sicilia experience AVR Augmented Reality Virtual Reality with special viewers for free allocations

Etnaland Dinosaur Park Prehistory Sicilia experience AVR Augmented Reality Virtual Reality with special viewers for free allocations

Tutte le attrazioni con anno di realizzazione

Etnaland Themepark Mappa Attrazioni e ServiziArea tematica ingresso Etnaland Tower (2013) – The Storm (2013) – Laser Show (2013) – (2013) - Cinema 4D (2013) - Babel (2014)- Revo-Rock 360 (2015) – Drifting Karts (2015)
Villaggio minerario The School (2013) – Eldorado (2013) – Kaos (2013) – Kasimiro (2013) – Love Lagoon (2013) – 1900th (2013) – Gran Carillon (2014)
Area tematica spazio Wording (2013) - Quasar (2013)
Area tematica per l’infanzia Cops and Robbers (2013) - the Ciclopino Castle (2013) - Billow Balloon (2013) - Ciclopina's Tower (2013) - Hip Hop Coaster (2013) - Mini Tornado (2013) - Brave Kart (2013)- LeleFante (2014) - Camellotto (2014) - TazzeMatte (2014) - Mini wording (2014) - Twistarello (2014) - mini tornado (2014)- Rondò (2014) - Miao Coaster (2015)
Area tematica giochi d’acqua Crocodile Rapids (2006) – Jungle Splash (2010) – Dragon River (2012)

Big news & agrave; Also in the water park

Etnaland AcquaPark

Catania Etnaland theme park attractions and retail use minimum height

The attractions are divided into areas and by theme: twirling, dream, fly and challenge. The symbol in the bottom right if red baby indicates that & egrave; an attraction to boys 1,4 meters up, if yellow from 1,2 meters up or assisted, if the green with a minimum height 0,9 meters.

etnaland-themepark-attractions-twirling etnaland-themepark-attractions-dreaming etnaland-themepark-attractions-flying etnaland-themepark-attractions-challenge

Catania Etnaland theme park when it opens? daytime and evening hours. Price tickets Etnaland ThemePark, Children discounts coupons for free

Etna Land Theme Park & ​​egrave; open during April, , , , , September. First day Friday 20 Aprile 2018 & Egrave; opened with daytime hours from 9: 30 all 18:30. from 1 2018 al 3 September 2018 with evening hours from 19:30 all’1:00. from 8 al 30 September 2018 (Last day) back during the day and then close. There is plenty of new attractions for children and older Etnaland Tower, Eldorado mine train bellissime montagne russe The Storm Rollercoaster con accelerazione fino a 4G, The School scuola stregata, dynamic simulator 4D cinema and much more.

Price Card Etnaland Themepark DAYTIME

Adults and children 25 €, children over 1 meter and up to 1,40 20€, discount Children under 1 FREE metro
2 Consecutive days 38 € adults and kids, 28€ children 1-1,40 meters, free for children less than one meter

Etnaland Price Card Themepark EVENING

Adults and children 20 €, children over 1 meter and up to 1,40 15€, discount Children under 1 Input meter FREE. 2 consecutive evenings € 28 adults and teens, 18€ children 1-1,40 meters, free for children less than one meter

Here is the schedule 2018 Etnaland ThemePark and promotions. Buy tickets online and see the latest promotions

Catania Etnaland theme park prices 2018 ThemePark opening hours

Catania Etna Land Theme Park Laser show

Questa attrazione, realizzata al coperto in un locale cinematografico, consente di assistere a uno spettacolo di suoni e luci laser 3D, nebbie volumetriche, giochi luminosi e sonori e tanti altri effetti visivi coinvolgenti.

Etnaland Catania ThemePark La funiva, Etnaland, info contacts, Getting there and map, where to eat, where to sleep Offers Etnaland more hotels near Etna Land Catania B & B agreement

Etnaland the

La Funivia, with its 1800 meters, è la più grande telecabina a percorso pentagonale esistente in Europa. Costituita da 23 piloni di sostegno e da 5 stazioni di deviazione, è provvista di 146 cabine per una capacità di 700 people now. By performing the scenic ride on the cable car, you will enjoy a rare and unforgettable experience: you will see the ', the immensity of the valleys and coasts, You will fly over all 3 the parks, the wonderful Botanic Park, The fun water park and the large Prehistoric Park

Etnaland meteo previsioni del tempo prossimi 7 days

Clicca qui per bollettino meteo PDF Etnaland stampa prossimi 7 days.

Etnaland Where to eat? Further information and contacts

Inside the park you can find plenty of dining options where you can choose a simple sandwich, pizza, full lunch menu and various offers with drink included . For lovers of DIY, There are several picnic areas where you can eat and share with friends the things that you brought with you from home. For more information about the park, cost tickets contact Etnaland during office hours at the following numbers (0039) 095 9897101 / 095 9897102 / 095 7913333 or visit the web site Etnaland

Etnaland where it is and how to get

Etnaland Where to stay? Etnaland offers more hotels near convention and free child ticket free ticket

Looking for B & B, partner hotels or hotel deals near Etnaland Belpasso? Olimpia House rent rooms or entire apartment with a discount of residence or child free if up until 1 meter (in parents' bed) and free entrance to the park. For stays of at least 2 nights (7 nights middle of August) weeks we offer reimbursement of the ticket cost up to Etnaland 10% of the stay with respect to our rates of Booking or Expedia. Offer valid only for our fan on Facebook if you book directly from our website, mail or phone. We are half an hour's drive in an ideal position to visit also Taormina, Etna and Catania and just 2 km from the sea. To book rooms stay and fill out the information request form or call us at 3294138813 See path for how to get to Etna Land in half an hour from the B & B Casa Olimpia For those traveling with children, by us 1 child stays free in the parents' bed if up until 1 meter will, during the seasons opening, free admission to Etnaland the largest amusement park south of Italy half an hour from our B & B. A Casa Olimpia you can book from matrimonial to large rooms for families with up to 5 beds, Cribs, games and what is necessary to prepare a hot dish. For our young guests at your disposal wonderful playground, within easy walking distance around the corner, with many free attractions in a tropical garden surrounded much green of Etna citrus. You will also ride-on toy cars and, Inflatable pool and even enjoyable with boats, place in the evening for a little 'relaxation and a bite or a refreshing and tasty granita after long day of sightseeing in the area. Nearby adventure parks, restaurants with playground as Villa Mirador, Planetarium and much more see Sicily with children

Pacchetti children with complete bed Minecraft or Fireman Sam

Surprise your child with Minecraft package or Fireman Sam, with only 10 € extra throughout your stay with custom linens with his favorite heroes. The packages must be booked at least 3 days before arrival.
Pacchetto bimbini Minecraft blocco erba lenzuola per letto singolo Pacchetto bimbini Minecraft Steve & Alex lenzuola per letto singolo Pacchetto bambini Fireman Sam lenzuola per letto singolo

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